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  About Yusong Huang

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Since 1982 Yusong Huang has been responsible for trade, management, innovation and linguistic representation of various Chinese and Western companies in her hometown Xiamen . Thereby a thorough acquaintance with the trades and industries of China has been gathered.

As a resident of Denmark since 1996, married to a Dane and a self-employed business woman with Chinese Translation Bureau, the insight in Danish and European business conditions and trades and industries has grown steadily.
Professionally Yusong Huang is renowned for having been able to provide translations that have been accepted in High Court hearings in Denmark and used for legal processing in China.


Yusong Huang

Curriculum Vitae


1980 1982: Highschool teacher (English).
Jimei Teacher's College, China.

1982 1984: Translator (English/Chinese).
China Ocean Shipping Agency, Xiamen.

1985 1986: Sales Executive marketing of Welcome Foundations Cosmetic products.
Xiamen Construction & Development Corp.

1986 1987: Marketing assistant export and trade of granite, engines and other instruments.
Gooding International Ltd. UK, Xiamen.

1987 1990: Sales Executive export of bearings, aluminium products and metal goods. In addition: marketing of vacuum cleaners in China.
Transpacific Products Inc., USA, Xiamen.

1990 1991: Sales Executive introduction of Matsushitas electronics and A/V articles.
Matsushita Electric Corp., Japan, Xiamen.

1991 1996: Investment advisor and responsible for joint venture establishment.
CXIC China Xiamen Corp. for International Techno Economic Cooperation, Xiamen.

1996: Vice General Manager knitwear manufacture.
Xiamen Int'l Knitting Co., Xiamen .

1996 now: Proprietor and translator (translator, interpreter and teacher of Chinese language).
Chinese Translation Bureau.

International experience

July September 1986: Product training.
Gooding Inc., Cardiff, Wales, UK.

2 periods in 1987: Business.
Gooding Int'l, Hong Kong.


1990: Diploma: Economy assistant.
Fujian Xiamen Special Economic Zone Labour Service Company.

1984 1985: University degree in English, makro-economics, marketing, effective letters, international financing, international economics and development.
Beijing English Language Center of the Institute of International Economic Management in co-operation with The UCLA University of California, Los Angeles ' China Exchange Programme.

Language skills:

Native language:
Mandarin (standard Chinese) and Hokka (spoken in Taiwan and Xiamen)

Acquired language:
English: negotiation level, with extended knowledge of grammar and written English.
Danish: exceptionally well spoken and understood, with large acquaintance of grammar.
Writes and reads Danish particularly well. Competences are constantly expanded.

Yusong Huang, born 1962, grew up in Xiamen Special Economic Zone (between Hong Kong and Shanghai).

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