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Prices - teaching

Price per student of each lesson of 60 minutes: DKK 360.
Discount per person is negotiable if 2 or more students participate in a lesson. Alternatively, a discount per person is negotiable at 2 or more students per lesson.
The prices are excl. Danish VAT.

For self supporting students a discount is negotiable depending on the number of pre-ordered lessons.


Please notify about cancellation at least 24 hours before an arranged lesson.
In case of cancellation of less than 24 hours, 50 % is due.
Notification of cancellation via E-mail, telephone or message on the answering machine is accepted.


A good advice ...

It takes a certain continuity to make sure that the acquired language is not forgotten. We recommend that a budget is drawn up in advance for your Chinese lessons. This way, the lessons will not be interrupted halfway due to the economy.

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