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Some practical information...

The following is a bit of practical information for you, if you consider attending lessons in Chinese.

It is recommended to inform us in advance how much time and effort you expect to be able to spend between each lesson. This way, the amount of homework can be adjusted to each student individually.

The flexibility is great: the time for the lessons can be either reserved for a fixed day of the week or appointments can be made from week to week.

Attending lessons as a group is possible e.g. friends, family or colleagues. The price per hour is slightly cheaper than that of private lessons. However, it takes discipline for everyone to meet regularly and also uniform linguistic skills.

Usually, settling of accounts is done after each lesson. This can be an advantage in the case of absence.

If you are going to China it is best to start the lessons well in advance. Experience shows that shortly before departure stress and busyness often takes over, leaving no time or concentration to homework.

A trip to China to test the acquired language will benefit the learning process. It will also motivate and inspire the ongoing lessons.

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