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Written translations of documents, brands etc.Learn chinese for business purposes or just for fun


Evening courses
Intensive Crash Course
Vocationally or educationally orientated teaching
Private lessons or in teams/groups

One lesson is 60 minutes.
Lessons are only avaliable in Denmark.

It is all up to you:
Time of day, level of ambition private lessons or lessons in groups of colleagues, friends or family.
The lessons will be prepared especially for your need and previous experience whether you are an engineer who is to be posted in China or a student about to attend your exams.

You alone chose whether you want to learn the written language too. Read more on the Chinese language here...

For practical information before you start the lessons see here...

Yusong Huang, originally from Xiamen in southern China , moved to Denmark in 1996. English and Danish are spoken fluently. Previous experience includes several jobs in the trade industries of both China and Denmark , experience in teaching plus an educationally orientated academic degree.

Most decision makers in China still do not speak English this is your chance for a great job. Your ability to help companies from your own country into China will be greatly improved by learning this language.

  The gate of the temple of heaven in Beijing  

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